B-Side Dreams 019 - Dressed as Terry Gross


  1. Buzzcut by PALMAS on To The Valley
  2. Sweet Water by PALMAS on To The Valley
  3. Stay by The Mantles on All Odds End
  4. Mess Me Around by The Babies on Our House on the Hill
  5. Don't Come Home Today by Good Morning on Shawcross [EP]
  6. Journey Through the Valley of O by Wurld Series on Jim Nothing / Wurld Series - Split EP (Visit http://jimnothingmusic.bandcamp.com)
  7. new alhambra by elvis depressedly on new alhambra (Visit http://elvisdepressedly.bandcamp.com)
  8. Child's Pose by Spencer Radcliffe on Keeper (Visit http://spencerradcliffe.bandcamp.com)
  9. Pinwheels Spinning by China on Towards The Sun (Visit http://chinatheband.bandcamp.com)
  10. xxii by the galloping sea on Potential Joy (Visit http://thegallopingsea.bandcamp.com)
  11. The Root by Kim Deal & Morgan Nagler (self)
  12. African Mask by LITHICS on LITHICS (Visit http://lithics.bandcamp.com)
  13. 12345 by Shopping on Why Choose (MÏLK records)
  14. That's When It's Worth It by The Au Pairs on Sense And Sensuality
  15. On Parade by Electrelane on The Power Out (Too Pure)
  16. Way to be Loved by TOPS on Picture You Staring (Arbutus Records)
  17. You're The Cup by Shannon Wright on Flightsafety (Quarterstick Records)