The British Are Coming 11-8-2015


  1. Reptile by Citizens! on Reptile (Kitsune)
  2. Break
  3. Reptile by Citizens! on reptile (kitsune)
  4. Carry Me by Bombay Bicycle Club on So long, see you tomorrow (universal island records)
  5. What We Haven't Got Yet by JAWS on what we haven't got yet (bad co. records)
  6. Slow Rotor by Errors on lease of life (rock action records)
  7. Kingdom Of Rust by Doves on kingdom of rust (virgin records)
  8. Monotony by Sauna Youth on distractions (upset the rhythm)
  9. ILL by Fews on ill (speedy wunderground)
  10. Giant Peach by Wolf Alice on My love is cool (rca records)
  11. Deserve This by Circa Waves on young chasers (virgin emi records)
  12. Go! Fight! Win! by Ash on Kablammo! (atomic heart)
  13. Hiyat by Rumour Cubes on appearances of collections (SR)
  14. The Answer by Savages on the answer (matador records limited)
  15. Opiate Glow by Tense Men on where dull care is forgotten (faux discx)
  16. Oh Baby by Micachu & The Shapes on Good Sad Happy Bad (rough trade records ltd.)
  17. The Party Line by Belle & Sebastian on the party line (matador records limited)
  18. Wasabi Colonel by Velcro Hooks on Gymnophoria (howling owl records)
  19. Plume by Oliver Wilde on red tide opal in the loose end womb (howling owl records)
  20. Darkest Ocean by ALL TVVINS on darkest ocean (warner music uk limited)
  21. Running Water by Younghusband on Dromes (sonic cathedral)
  22. Another Night by Wild Swim on another night (almanac)
  23. Blood Roses by Beerjacket on the white feather trail
  24. Signs To Lorelei by Cheatahs on mythologies (wichita records)
  25. An Artifical Spring by Girls Names on arms around a vision (tough love records)