The B0ardcast Episode 55


  1. legs by Try The Pie on Rest (Visit
  2. coach me by DON'T on DON'T EP (Visit
  3. Dream Girl by Pink Bathroom on Big Bite (Visit
  4. weird around you by Eerie Summer on the way i don't understand anything anymore (Visit
  5. SHITBABY by Lemon Meringue Die on nobody wouldn't see good things (Visit
  6. Dog Dreams by Ardivan Walks on Ardivan Walks EP (Visit
  7. superman pipedreams by Spencer Cohen on skate banjo and the cult (forgotten) (Visit
  8. Saltine Complex by beverly tender on Lord Mayor Makes 1,000 Speeches (Visit
  9. Summer End by frozy on Lesser Pop (Visit
  10. Sketches by NEET CITY on NEET CITY EP (Visit
  11. A New England by The Broonies on Pisces (Visit
  12. Transition by DIRTYGIRL on Junk Food EP (Visit
  13. The Feels by Breakfast MUFF on The Feels (Visit
  14. Chaka Can't by crumbs on demo (Visit
  15. The Washing Machine by SPORTS on All of Something (Visit
  16. SHADETHROWER by royal brat on NEGATIVE BONE (Visit
  17. Private Party by Shopping on Why Choose
  18. Chinese Rock by Tall Juan on Why Not? (Visit
  19. Strawberry Bomber by FLESH WORLD on The Wild Animals In My Life LP (LUNGS-064) (Visit
  20. Well Good For You by Expert Alterations on You Can't Always Be Liked (Visit
  21. I'm Lost Without You Here by Rocketship on A Certain Smile, A Certain Sadness (Visit
  22. Last Year Was Alright by Scooterbabe on The Scooterbabe Companion (Visit
  23. Space Dive by Pure Morning on The Broadcasting Department of Philadelphia (Visit
  24. Try To Be Hopeful by The Spook School on Try to be Hopeful (Visit
  25. Parks by Sunshine Faces on Peaked (Visit
  26. Sea of Blue by Sleepy on Sleepy EP (Visit
  27. Break the Chain by Ultimate Painting on Green Lanes
  28. I Cut My First Tooth On One Just Like You by Amy Linton + Stewart Anderson on The Lights Are Out EP (555 Recordings)
  29. Teenage girls by Bleeding Knees Club on Virginity (Visit
  30. Scumbag (late night live demo) by Bonehead on Scumbag (Visit
  31. Motorcade by dune witch trails on Waving At Airports (Visit
  32. Tell You Something by The Fizz Pops on The Fizz Pops
  34. Passive Sneakers by Heavy Pet on Heavy Pet / Oakland Health Academy Split Cassette (Emotional Response)
  35. Goodnight Sweetheart by Oakland Health Academy on Heavy Pet / Oakland Health Academy Split Cassette (Emotional Response)
  36. Do You Love Me by Slurred Words on Oyoy (Visit
  37. Shattered by Raw Pony on Demo Tape (Visit
  38. Fuck Marry Kill by Daddy Issues on Fuck Marry Kill (Visit
  39. Bad Trip Panda by T. Rexico on Rugrats and Regrets (Visit
  40. Behind the Green Curtain by Taiwan Housing Project on Taiwan Housing Project 7 (Visit
  41. Adrenaline by Twerps on Range Anxiety