11.21.2015 YOU YES YOU


  1. Etch-A-Sketch Orchestra by 100 Onces on 100 Onces (Mother Turf)
  2. Banana Breath by Sea Monkey See on Mookie Island (Mother Turf)
  3. Gut-Wrenching Heartlessness vs. Heart-Wrenching Gutlessness by Hannibal Montana on Hannibal Montana / Space Blood Split EP
  4. Fall by Chon on Grow (Sumerian)
  5. Junior by Axes on Glory (Big Scary Monsters)
  6. Abraham Linkedin by noxious foxes on Roxious Soxes
  7. Do You Feel Yucky?? by Cash Pony on Zero Charisma
  8. Fire/Flying by Hollow Ran on Jitters / Dagrons / Hollow Ran / Milkis Split EP (Tetra Records)
  9. Marsh Partition by Floral on The Second Floral EP (Self-Released)
  10. Bobey Breaks A Wine Glass by Bobey (Self-Released)
  11. Layers by Caddywhompus on Feathering A Nest (Community Records)
  12. No Crying In Baseball by Mothers on It Hurts Until It Doesn't (Self-Released)
  13. I am there while you choke on me by Blonde Redhead on La Mia Vita Violenta (Smell Like Records)
  14. Suicide by ZZZ's on Magnetica/Perscription
  15. Come See The Duck by Deerhoof on Green Cosmos (ATP Recordings)
  16. Easy Peasy by Ponytail on Do Whatever You Want All The Time (We Are Free)
  17. Stillness Is The Move by Dirty Projectors on Bitte Orca (Domino)
  18. Houdini Crush by Buke and Gase on General Dome (Brassland)
  19. 13 Monsters by Lightning Bolt on Ride The Skies (Load)