Partially Ripped No 15


  1. Alice Coltrane by Krishna Krishna
  2. Dreamer by Dennis Wilson on Pacific Ocean Blue (Caribou)
  3. Coit Tower by Millionaire at Midnight on V/A Titan: It's All Pop (Numero)
  4. Midnight Wine by Miles Bandit on Night Man
  5. Hidden Track by Salvia Plath on The Bardo Story (Weird World)
  6. Theme From Color Guard by Kamasi Washington
  7. Tip Pit by World Champion
  8. Velo by Lugares
  9. Sea Calls Me Home by Julia Holter on Have You In My Wilderness (Domino)
  10. Who Loves The Sun by Burn Antares on Reloaded: Velvet Underground Tribute Album
  11. Miracle Waves by Kite Base
  12. Suburban Groovy by Suburban Campers
  13. Sailed Song by Theo Verny on Brain Disease EP (Mount Olympus Recordings)
  14. Fawn by Samoyed
  15. Gainsbourg by Douchess Says
  16. Cab Deg by Good Morning
  17. Black Chalk by Earring (Fire Talk)
  18. Spooky Dog by H Hawkline on In the Pink of Condition (Heavenly)
  19. The Lighter Side of Dating by The Monochrome Set on Strange Boutique (Dindisc)
  20. Cave by My Red Dress
  21. Vices by Atlantic Thrills on Atlantic Thrills (Almost Ready Records)
  22. Kiss Me by Sierra Manhattan
  23. Wh Is the Silliest Rossi by Bird Nest Roys (Flying Nun)
  24. All My Girls by Daddy Issues
  25. I Love My Leather Jacket by The Chills on I Love My Leather Jacket (Flying Nun)
  26. See Line Woman by Bona Dish on The Zaragoza Tapes: 1981-1982 (Captured Tracks)
  27. Mixer by Nap Eyes on Thought Rock Fish Scale (2016, PoB-24) (Paradise of Bachelors)
  28. Compulsion by Joe Crow on Compulsion 7 (Cherry Red/Dark Entries)
  29. Deep Dreamer by Happy Jawbone Family Band on The Silk Pistol (Night People)
  30. Down By The River by Godz on Third Testament
  31. Mescalito by The Hin-Dudes
  32. Come by She-Devils
  33. Stormy by The Wipers on The Herd