clementine & 2015 favs

clementine's favorite cuts from 2015, which happen to mostly be indiepop and postpunk (surprise!)


  1. Weekend by Quarterbacks on Quarterbacks (Team Love)
  2. Golden by Mercury Girls on Demos (Self Released)
  3. Big Asda by Trust Fund on Seems Unfair (Turnstile)
  4. Wonderful by Knife Pleats on Hat Bark Beach (Lost Sound Tapes)
  5. Jamie (Luvver) by Joanna Gruesome on Peanut Butter (Slumberland)
  6. OK, Lost by Lost Film on Imago (The Native Sound)
  7. All in the Night by Nic Hessler on Soft Connections (Captured Tracks)
  8. Ripe 4 Luv by Young Guv on Ripe 4 Luv (Slumberland)
  9. Break
  10. Skin Gets Hot by Fraternal Twin on Skin Gets Hot (Apollonian Sound)
  11. Cops Don't Care Pt. II by Fred Thomas on All Are Saved (Polyvinyl)
  12. Island by The Mantles on All Odds End (Slumberland)
  13. Simple Feelings by Twerps on Range Anxiety (Merge)
  14. September by Pitschouse on Sway (Self Released)
  15. Break
  16. On Cowardice by Woolen Men on Temporary Monument (Woodsist)
  17. My Own Fantasy by Royal Headache on High (What's Your Rupture)
  18. Straight Lines by Shopping on Why Choose (FatCat)
  19. Dope Cloud by Protomatyr on The Agent Intellect (Hardly Art)
  20. Uptight by Terrible Truths on Terrible Truths (Bedroom Suck)
  21. Break
  22. The Prisioner by Roman a Clef on Abandonware (Infinite Best)