Anti-Gravity Bunny Radio (2014-10-06)

Got a major migraine before this episode started so I kept it pretty low key. Side note: The Field is my go-to migraine music for commuting (which sadly happens all too often) because it’s soft enough to not harsh my head but is hard enough to cut through the subway & train sounds. It’s pretty perfect.


  1. We’ll Meet Beyond The Grave by Andrew Weathers on One Day We'll Find The Valley (Lifelike Family)
  2. March 2007 by Tashi Wada on Duets (Saltern)
  3. Bully Of The Town by Etta Baker on Instrumental Music Of The southern Appalachians (Tradition Everest)
  4. Repose by Tape on Casino (Häpna)
  5. Out Canning Factory Road by Steve Gunn & Mike Gangoff on Melodies For A Savage Fix (Important)
  6. Everything Between You And Me by bvdub on A History Of Distance (n5md)
  7. They Danced, They Laughed, As Of Old by Popol Vuh on Agape-Agape Love-Love (SPV)
  8. Stillness #4 (Yalour Islands, Antarctica) by Machinefabriek on Stillness Soundtracks (Glacial Movements)
  9. Poor Boy by John Fahey on The Dance Of Death & Other Plantation Favorites (Takoma)
  10. Welsh Corgis In The Snow by Mary Lattimore & Jeff Zeigler on Slant Of Light (Thrill Jockey)
  11. Orgone by Bitchin’ Bajas on Bitchin’ Bajas (Drag City)
  12. Hidden Away by Hakobune on Seamless And Here (Patient Sounds)
  13. Carrie Belle by John Davis on Southern Journey 1: Georgia Sea Islands, Volume 1 (Prestige International)
  14. Break
  15. I’ll Go With Her by Robert Wilkins on I Woke Up One Morning In May (Mississippi)
  16. Looping State Of Mind by The Field on Looping State Of Mind (Kompakt)