@Jon_Digital 01/07/16

Hey, hey! It's the first show of 2016 and I have a two solid hours of new music to share with you. Get locked, wear headphones.


  1. Rivulets by Tim Peck Trio on Rivulets (Bandcamp)
  2. Make It Bounce - Original Mix by scurrilous on Back To The Beat (Viva Music)
  3. Chances by Marquis Hawkes on Chances (Aus Music)
  4. Clap Trap by Jayline on Clap Trap (Escalated Sounds)
  5. Morocco - Kenneth Scott Bedouin Bedtime Remix by Joseph Huxley on Re-switched 4 (Blipswitch Digital)
  6. Innotated - Drumona Remix by Dudley Strangeways on Innotated EP (Elite Records)
  7. Grey and Strong - Original Mix by Helmut Dubnitzky on The Elephant E.P. (Brise Records)
  8. Guddyaan by K.S. Bhamrah on Guddiyan (SK Production)
  9. Ain't No Mountain High Enough - 12" Garage Version Mix By Larry Levan by Inner Life on Inner Life (Altra Moda Music)
  10. Top Gun - Club Mix by Disco Re-Edit on SO BOOGIE LOVE! EP (Adam Funk Club)
  11. Megatron Man by Patrick Cowley on Megatron Man (Unidisc Music)
  12. Rewind - Sporting Life Remix by Kelela on Hallucinogen Remixes (Warp Records)
  13. Techno Bitch - Original Mix by Light Phantom on Resident 7th Cloud (7th Cloud)
  14. Too Late To Say Goodbye by Cage The Elephant on Tell Me I'm Pretty (RCA Records)
  15. Seven Orange by Konstantin Reinfeld on Instrumental Institution (Miles Away from Being Dizzy) (Soulkitchen)
  16. Tomash by Foliaderei on Foliaderei (multi culti)
  17. Sleepless - Stephan Bodzin Remix by Pan Pot on The Other Remixes (Second State Audio)
  18. It Might as Well Be Spring by Edgar Wilson on Goin' Straight (Edel)