1. Silent Flight, Sleeping Dawn by Mono on Hymn to the Immortal Wind (unk)
  2. Untitled by Sigur Ros on Untitled (unk)
  3. Six Days at the Bottom of the Ocean by Explostions in the Sky on The Earth Is Not A Cold Dead Place (Universal)
  4. Pooh Song (Christopher Robin's Nightbear) by Tortoise & The Ex on In The Fishtank (unk)
  5. Jupitourist by X Suns on The Greys (unk)
  6. Last Rites First Breath by GLACIERS on Mirrored Through The Ancients (unk)
  7. It Feels Like I Can Finally Breathe Again by Space Cadet on Fecking Bahamas III (unk)
  8. Nightclub Amnesia by Ratatat on Magnifique (XL Recordings)
  9. Something To Fill by Stockades on Fecking Bahamas III (unk)
  10. Sailing Stones by The Union Trade on A Place Of Long Years (Tricycle Records)
  11. Gegen Alles Bereit by Couch on Figur 5 (Morr Music)
  12. Seven Minute Mind by The Bad Plus on Made Possible (unk)
  13. Ssk by 3nd on Ssk (unk)
  14. VIP by rega on Million (unk)
  15. Landscape by Low Pass on Cytus-Hindsight (unk)
  16. A Black Rectangle by Balloons on Egal ist 88 (unk)
  17. Passage of Time by Cloud nine(9) on Passage of Time (unk)
  18. Teleblister by Clever Girl on No Drum and Bass in the Jazz Room ([no label])
  19. Move Movie by Sparrow on Beijing Post-Rock (unk)
  20. The Mighty Rio Grande by This Will Destroy You on This Will Destroy You (Magic Bullet)
  21. 4.15 AM by Moonlit Sailor on We Come From Exploding Stars (Deep Elm Records)