Tuff Signals 99 (not) with The Memories!


  1. Power Plant by Tijuana Panters on Poster (Self Released)
  2. Candy Sam by Ty Segall on Emotional Mugger (Drag City)
  3. Down It Goes by White Lung on Deep Fantasy (Self Released)
  4. Shores of Lake Erie by Unfun on Shores of Lake Erie (Dead Broke Records)
  5. Valley Boy by Shannon Shaw on San Francisco is Doomed (Crime on the Moon)
  6. You by Slingshot Dakota on Break (Top Shelf Records)
  7. Too Young for Me by The Rubs on Too Young for Me (Self Released)
  8. In The Background by The Starry Nights on The Starry Nights (Bloated Kat Records)
  9. Freedom1313 by Cayetana on Tired Eyes (Self Released)
  10. Just a Phase by Telepathic on Time Release (Self Released)
  11. No Cops by Night Beats on Who Sold My Generation (Heavenly Records)
  12. Dancing in My Dreams by The Memories on Home Style (Randy Records)
  13. Close My Eyes by Feels on Feels (Castle Face Records)
  14. Hedges by Naked Lights on On Nature (Castle Face Records)
  15. Cut Me Baby by Kelley Stoltz on In Triangle Time (CastleFace Records)
  16. Runoft by Massenger on Peeling Out (Burger Records)
  17. Deja Vu Romain by Autumn Nicole on Let's Keep Things Weird (Self Released)
  18. Do What I Want by Birdcloud on Birdcloud (Self Released)
  19. Act Like You Know Me by Spike and the Sweet Spots on Strange Breed (Randy Records)
  20. Lucille by Milk Lines on Ceramic (In The Red)
  21. It's Nothing to Me by The Abigails on Tundra (Burger)
  22. Keep on Keepin' On by Bleached on Welcome The Worms (Dead Oceans)
  23. When you Were 25 by Big Eyes on Local Celebrity / When You Were 25 (Don Geovanni Records)
  24. I Hate The Weekend by TacoCat on Lost Time (Self Released)
  25. Drive Your Car by L.A. Witch on Drive Your Car (Ruined Vived/Black Mass Recordings)
  26. Sidewalk Savagery by Cold Meat on Sweet Treat CS (Hetla Skelta Records)
  27. Lady Liberty by Dressy Bessy on Kingsized (Yep Rock)
  28. I Wanna Be Dumb by Thee Yolks (Randy Records)
  29. Frozen by Static Eyes (Terror Trash Records)
  30. Gallery Of Love by Eroders on Better in the Dark (Self Released)
  31. Blue by Bummers Eve on Fly on the Wall (Almost Ready Records)
  32. Coconut Lifesaver by Dumpster Babies on Lost and Found (Tall Pat Records)
  33. Drain My Brain by The Memories on Home Style (Randy Records)