Anti-Gravity Bunny Radio (2016-01-25)

Missed last week because I was busy becoming a dad (!!!). Another new episode this week, but still playing catchup like crazy, I missed so much good stuff while I was doing all of those year end list episodes, like the new Revolutionary Army Of The Infant Jesus, for real if you only get one more record this year, make it that one.


  1. Before The Ending Of The Day by Revolutionary Army Of The Infant Jesus on Beauty Will Save The World (Occultation)
  2. Signe Du Miroir by Troum on Acouasme (Cold Spring)
  3. Fairfield Fantasy by Heather Leigh on I Abused Animal (Ideologic Organ)
  4. Mirror of the Sea Pt.2 by Christoph Heemann & Andrew Chalk on Mirror of the Sea (Robot)
  5. Cosmic Richard by Chris Forsyth & Koen Holtkamp on The Island (Trouble In Mind)
  6. I Have Found True Love by Ignatz on I Live In A Utopia (Goaty)
  7. Songs for Diminished Lovemaking Part II by En on City of Brides (Students Of Decay)
  8. Noice, Coak, and Pre-1982 Occurrences by Fossil Aerosol Mining Project on The Day 1982 Contaminated 1971 (Helen Scarsdale Agency)
  9. Stone Reprise by Bamboo on Prince Pansori Priestess (Upset The Rhythm)
  10. Untitled by Stephen O'Malley on Fuck Fundamentalist Pigs (Ideal)