1. Cold by Mind Spiders on Prosthesis (Dirtnap)
  2. No Bonds by aMiniature on Depth Five Rate Six (Restless)
  3. Nothing Means Anything by Greys on Repulsion EP (Buzz)
  4. You're A Dog by Girl Band on France 98 (Any Other City)
  5. Sweet Dreams Baby by Mousetrap on The Dead Air Sound System (Grass)
  6. All Ghosts To Medicine Counter Four by Christian Fitness on Love Letters In The Age Of Steam (Self-released)
  7. Two Sides by TRAAMS on Modern Dancing (FatCat)
  8. Seizures by Octagrape on Aura Obelisk (Sounds Familyre)
  9. Shakes by Fury Things on VHS (Modern Radio)
  10. Insulation by Monsterland on Destroy What You Love (Seed)
  11. Yr Songs by Weed on Running Back (Lefse)
  12. January Arms by Juno on This Is The Way It Goes And Goes And Goes (DeSoto)
  13. No EQ by Into It. Over It. on Standards (Triple Crown)
  14. Everything You Love by Eskimeaux on O.K. (Double Double Whammy)
  15. See What You Made Me Do? by House & Hawk on See What You Made Me Do? (Heavy River)
  16. Under The Sun by DIIV on Is The Is Are (Captured Tracks)
  17. Photograph by Frog on Kind Of Blah (Audio Antihero)
  18. Travelogue by Duster on Contemporary Movement (Up)
  19. Something Wild by Grooms on Comb the Feelings Through Your Hair (Western Vinyl)
  20. Be Sure To Loop by OOIOO on Feather Float (Birdman)
  21. Candy Sam by Ty Segall on Emotional Mugger (Drag City)
  22. Content Nausea by Parquet Courts on Content Nausea (What's Your Rupture?)
  23. Been A Long Time Cousin by Hella on Hold Your Horse Is (5 Rue Christine)
  24. Benzin by Boogarins on Manual (Fat Possum)
  25. Birdsong Lullaby by Fake Laugh on 7-inch (Canvasclub)
  26. Consecutive by Twerps on Underlay (Merge)
  27. Wonderful by Knife Pleats on Hat Bark Beach (Lost Sound Tapes)
  28. Heart Fog by Th' Faith Healers UK on Imaginary Friend (Elektra/Too Pure)