tiger tempo - arms and sleepers

coastline - super magic hats

years - shallou

missing piece - dream beach - shh#ffb6c1 compilation

why ft nate salman - les sins (michael nov 4, company record label)

fault lines - beacon

dimma - olsson

julia brightly - caribou

joel ford - breathe ft ejecta

coronus, the terminator - flying lotus

back home - caribou

better man than he (tomas barfod remix) - sivu

burton - jerome lol

the grit in the pearly - clark

shore - sylas

autumn (matthew dear remix) - bear in heaven

you - wifi princess

hey qt - qt (blackbird blackbird remix)

in my dreams - danny l harle

your love will set you free - caribou

bassically - tei shi

alchemy - tala

feels like vegas - tinashe

playtime - mr carmack

jaaska - star videsh

lovely jubbly - d double e

hold me down (the range remix) - mansionair

all i ever need - caribou


  1. Tiger Tempo by Arms and Sleepers
  2. Coastline by Super Magic Hats on Kumori Ep (Hush Hush)
  3. Years by Shallou on Years EP
  4. Missing Piece by Dream Beach on shh#ffb6c1 compilation (Secret Songs)
  5. Why ft. Nate Salman by Les Sins on Michael (Company Record Label)
  6. Fault Lines by Beacon on L1 (Ghostly International)
  7. Dimma by Olsson on EP (Emotion)
  8. Julia Brightly by Caribou on Our Love (Merge)
  9. Breathe ft Ejecta by Joel Ford (Driftless Recordings)
  10. Coronus, The Terminator by Flying Lotus on You're Dead (Warp)
  11. Back Home by Caribou on Our Love (Merge)
  12. Better Man Than He (Tomas Barfod Remix) by Sivu
  13. Burton by Jermone Lol on What's Good Los Angeles? EP
  14. The Grit In The Pearl by clark on Clark (Warp)
  15. Shore by Sylas
  16. Autumn (Matthew Dear Remix) by Bear in Heaven
  17. you by Wifi Princess
  18. Hey QT (Blackbird Blackbird remix) by QT
  19. In My Dreams by Danny L Harle
  20. Your Love Will Set Me Free by Caribou on Our Love (Merge)
  21. Bassically by Tei Shi
  22. Bassically by TĀLĀ
  23. Feels Like Vegas by Tinashe on Aquarius
  24. Playtime by Mr. Carmack
  25. Star Videsh by Jaaska
  26. Lovely Jubbly by D Double E
  27. Hold Me Down (The Range Remix) by Mansionair
  28. All I Ever Need by Caribou on Our Love (Merge)