The Nodecast Episode 4


  1. Life Without Objects by Cacao on Permutopia
  2. The Mustard Seed by Colophon on Looking Back Ain't No Way Forward [hpa009] (Highpoint Lowlife)
  3. Blut Mond by Jefre Cantu-Ledesma on Alone Together #6 - Faceless Kiss / Blut Mond
  4. Lisa's Opening by Jasmine Guffond on Yellow Bell
  5. Quick 03 pt 2 by John Davis on 8bitrecs EP (
  6. Luxury by Janek Schaefer on Unfolding Luxury Beyond the City of Dreams
  7. Plainchant by Benoît Pioulard on Noyaux
  8. Lumina Lamina by Disjecta on Disjecta EP (FUS001)
  9. Fragrance Transmission by Yamaneko on Pixel Wave Embrace
  10. Om de Nimic by Tujurikkuja on File: #03 (Visit
  11. Falter by Wechsel Garland on Wechsel Garland (Morr Music)
  12. Dance Of The Melon Man by The Marcia Blaine School For Girls (Highpoint Lowlife)
  13. Viimeinen by Vladislav Delay on Visa
  14. 4 by SND on Tender Love
  15. Some Relationships by NGLY on LIES019.5 (LIES)
  16. Arcane Fantasy by U on We Decide Who Comes In
  17. MP CD 13 by Howes on 3.5 Degrees (Visit
  18. Black Wasp by The Bug Featuring Liz Harris on Black Wasp
  19. Tenerife by Le Thug on Ripping EP (Visit
  20. Sueno Latino by Sueno Latino on Old Skool Classics
  21. The Nile by A Guy Called Gerald on Black Secret Technology (
  22. Lucky Music by Healing Potpourri on The Way Water Bends Light (Visit
  23. to stark, by alpine. on fr:om harmed weather to stark, micro, climates. (Highpoint Lowlife)