The Hanging Garden Radio Show w/guest DJ Introflirt! 2/11/2016


  1. Black Celebration by Depeche Mode on Black Celebration
  2. Hold On, Hold Still For A Second by Sons Of Magdalene on Move To Pain
  3. Back Home by Creme Fouetee
  4. Past Tense by Introflirt on Introflirt
  5. Twelfth of Never by XUXA Santamaria on Billionaire Rainbow
  6. Stigmata by Otzi on s/t
  7. Terror Row by NMBRSTTN on Energy and Entropy
  8. Sex Power by Animal Bodies on Killing Scene
  9. Hollow Day by Night Nail on Hide Nothing
  10. Burn Six Feet (demo) by Roadside Memorial on Darker Still
  11. All Is Fair In Dreams by Ghost Of Lightening
  12. Give Blood by Tremor Low
  13. Du Desert Au Jardin by Xarah Dion on Le Mal Necessaire
  14. Heavy Wave by Motorama on Poverty
  15. Sirens by Lunar Twin on Lunar Twin EP
  16. Desperate Action by Scarlet's Remains on Palest Grey
  17. The Nun by Sleep Chamber on Spellbound Submission
  18. The Priest Hole by Fools Dance on Fools Dance EP
  19. Southpole by Bootblacks on Veins
  20. Great Big Things by Vandalaze on Big Diner
  21. Digress by Automelodi on Surlendemains Acides
  22. Ferma Il Mondo by Tiziano Rivale
  23. Heavy Wings by Introflirt on Introflirt