Anti-Gravity Bunny Radio (2016-02-15)

Tons of new stuff. I kinda front loaded the episode with those first three tracks but the Dreamboat closer is unreal. You should listen to all of it though.


  1. Backwards Light by Lake Of Violet on The Startling Testimony Of Plumb Lines (Gilead Media)
  2. The Tears Of Joy When The Throat Is Cut For There Is Always Nothing And Only That by Nekrasov on Negative Temple (self released)
  3. Consuming of the Illusory Body by Of Earth And Sun on Uncoiled (Malignant)
  4. Death of the Ego by Jozef Van Wissem on When Shall This Bright Day Begin (self released)
  5. ...antag: iv by Ryan Huber & Erik Waterkotte on And Now They Are Gone (Inam)
  6. Interlude by Nils Quak on Ad Interim (Phinery)
  7. Maternal Afghan by Maxwell August Croy on Kaniza (Psychic Troubles)
  8. Aether by Tauusk on Telemetry - Split with Valerinne (self released)
  9. Dirge-Hymn by Poppy Nogood on Music For Mourning (self released)
  10. Vagho Tahrar (I) by Jeich ould Badu on Nouakchott Wedding Songs (Sahel Sounds)
  11. Paulus by Moth Cock on Form A Log / Moth Cock Split (Hausu Mountain)
  12. Hidden by Irezumi on Thirty (self released)
  13. Mirrored Image / Your Sunday Best by Dreamboat on Dreamboat (MIE)