Blind Wine Tasting with Pete Passaris

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In this episode, Sommelier Pete Passaris put his skills to the test in a blind wine tasting. The rules were simple. I picked out 4 red wines and poured them for Pete. Pete knew nothing about these wines. They could be from anywhere in the world, any grape varietal, and cost anywhere from $2 to $200. Relying only on the sight, smell, and taste of the wine, Pete had to guess the bottle. He had to name the varietal, country & region, vintage, and price. How is this even possible? Pete says it’s like solving a puzzle. He takes us through a tasting grid and his thought process to fit all the pieces together. So how did Pete do? You’ll have to listen to find out but I was certainly impressed! At the beginning of the show, Pete walks us through the process to becoming a certified Sommelier. He also talks about the small business he started, Wine with Pete that teaches people more about wine in a fun atmosphere.