clementine & australian/nz jangle pop


  1. Undecided by Autohaze on Just A Taste (Slumberland)
  2. Girl With Heart by Woollen Kits on Girl With Heart (R.I.P Society)
  3. Adelaide by Bitch Prefect on Adelaide (Bedroom Suck)
  4. At Your Door by Chook Race on Around The House (Tenth Court)
  5. 12 Hours by Velcro on Velcro (Self Released)
  6. Second Time Around by I Hear An Army on Second Time Around (Wreckless)
  7. Break
  8. Sock Holes by Bent on Bent (Moontown)
  9. Algeria by The Shifters on The Shifters (Comfort Cassettes)
  10. Monogamy by The Puddle on Into The Moon (Flying Nun)
  11. Final Flight by Melbourne Cans on Moonlight Malaise (The Lost And Lonesome Recording Co.)
  12. Mastery by Bats on The Law Of Things (Flying Nun)
  13. Break
  14. Landslide by The Mandelbrot Set on A Place Called Kansas (Ra)
  15. Amelia by The Perfect Garden on A Place Not Far From Here (Failsafe)
  16. This Person by The Wild Poppies on Heroine (Poppie)
  17. Wurlitzer Jukebox by Hydroplane on Hydroplane (Drive-In)
  18. Break
  19. Tempus Fugit by The Cannanes (Chapter Music)