Feb 20


  1. Reversing by Takénobu on Reversal (Self Released)
  2. A True Christian by Chris Storrow on The Ocean's Door (Self Released)
  3. Baby Blue by Mount Moriah on Baby Blue (Merge)
  4. Better When You Were Blue by Nate Baker on One Day in May (Self Released)
  5. Long Drive by Club Kuru on All The Days (Believe Recordings)
  6. Let It Grow (feat. Karen O & Tunde Adebimpe) by Maximum Balloon on Let It Grow (Federal Prism)
  7. Rockets by Shy Kids on Lofty! (Shy Kids)
  8. For Water by Fun Adults on For Water/Peek and Punch (Handsome Dad)
  9. Lavender by Scrns, Lea Thomas on Lavender (CSCN)
  10. No One Ever Wakes Up by Big Science on Difficulty (Self Released)
  11. Girls by Decorations on Girls (Frenchkiss Records)
  12. Horses by Pang Attack on Dreamer's Drug (Self Released)
  13. You Were A Saint by L'Anarchiste on Giant (Kilby Records)
  14. Beautiful Words by Oscar on Beautiful Words (Wichita)
  15. Best Shirt On by Guy Fantastico on Nesting (La Compañia Fantastica)