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Megan Mokri is reinventing the weeknight meal in the suburbs. In September 2014, Megan and her husband Lee launched 180Eats. 180Eats delivers simple, healthy meals "on demand" to homes in Marin County. In the short time since the company launched, they have delivered over 3,000 meals. One of those meals made it across the Golden Gate Bridge to my house. I dig into it "live" during the show as Megan explains the evolution of the meal from farm to my table. Megan didn't come up with the idea for 180Eats by sitting on the couch and hoping a big idea would pop into her head. Rather, the idea was a culmination of Megan's many entrepreneurial pursuits over the years. And when she got the idea for 180Eats, she had already built up the skills to turn idea into reality. Megan shares her journey on today's show and provides a few tips to aspiring entrepreneurs. I'll give you a hint......"Don't ignore the bug". Megan lives in Mill Valley. She talks about her favorite spots there, throughout Marin, and in San Francisco.