The Midnight Prowl Show #026 October 12th


  1. Kvelertak by Sultans of Satan on na (na)
  2. Birth,School,Work,Death by The Godfathers on Birth,School,Work,Death (na)
  3. Ambulance City by Pink Mountaintops on na (na)
  4. Love is Lost by David Bowie on The Next Day (na)
  5. Turd by Krill on na (na)
  6. Lion Inside You by Happy Fangs on na (na)
  7. Hot Singu by Fortress on Fortress (na)
  8. Deep End by Creative Adult on na (na)
  9. Breaking the Angle Against the Tide by Craft Spells on na (na)
  10. Laura by Fields of the Nephilim on na (na)
  11. Flushed by The Foreign Report on na (na)
  12. Agenda Suicide by The Faint on Danse Macabre (na)
  13. Psychopath by St.Vincent on na (na)
  14. I Don't Like You by Stiff Little Fingers on na (na)
  15. Cygnus...Vismund Cygnus by The Mars Volta on na (na)
  16. I'm Not Ready by CHAPPO on na (na)
  17. Birthday (Icelandic) by Sugarcubes on na (na)
  18. Diver Blue by 1-800-BAND on na (na)
  19. Pick it Up (And Put it in Your Pocket) by Stan Ridgeway on na (na)
  20. The Idiots Guide by Desert Sessions on Desert Sessions Volume 7-8 (na)
  21. Kick Out the Jams by MC5 on na (na)
  22. Windows by Deafheaven on Sunbather (na)
  23. Transitional Bird - Clever Girl by Candy Claws on na (na)
  24. The Killing Type by Amanda Palmer & The Grand Theft Orchestra on na (na)
  25. Vast Space by Gulp on na (na)
  26. Blue Eyes by The Rosebuds on na (na)
  27. Waiting for the Ends by Pins on na (na)
  28. Monsters by Scratch Acid on na (na)
  29. Newvo by Someone and the Somebodies on na (na)