A Man of Few Words - 2


  1. Soaring by Shigeto on Lineage (Ghostly)
  2. buildingblocks.insert by Submerse on slow waves (project mooncircle)
  3. Profanity by Zuper
  4. From Here by Louis The Child
  5. High You Are (Branchez remix) by What So Not
  6. To You (Ambassadeurs remix) by Young Wonder
  7. Volcano Zone by Ramzoid
  8. Flicker (Mat Zo remix) by Porter Robinson
  9. I Wanna See by MCFERRDOG on Club Amniotics (1080p)
  10. Adventure Tune by Clicks & Whistles on Serious Bidness EP (boomkat)
  11. All Night by ANDRU.
  12. Lion by KRNE x Ellio
  13. On My Face by DEFFIE
  14. GOLD by MEDASIN (Noir Sound)
  15. I Just by Sh?m on Kapsize
  16. F+L by Point Point
  17. Pull by Herzeloyde (Flow Fi)
  18. Daybreak by Electric Mantis (Majestic Casual)
  19. My Room is White (Flying Lotus remix) by Mia Doi Todd
  20. Flutter by Dirty Chocolate (Secret Stash)
  21. Let Go by Maths Time Joy on Hideaway EP (LFTF)
  22. Jupiter Grayscale by Gallant on Zebra EP
  23. Slip (Hippie Sabotage remix) by Elliot Moss
  24. West (feat. Daniel Caesar) by River Tiber on When The Time Is Right
  25. Easy Love (feat. Carmody) by Tom Misch
  26. Time Eater by Gold Panda on Good Luck And Do Your Best (City Slang)
  27. Jaffe House by Sau Poler on Memorabilia EP (Atomnation)
  28. Straight & Arrow by FaltyDL (ninjatune)
  29. Break
  30. Mirage by KAC