B-Side Dreams 035 - K Records


  1. whos that by Supreme Cool Beings on Survival Of The Coolest. (K)
  2. What's Important by Beat Happening on Beat Happening (K)
  3. Taking Too Long by Wipers on Youth of America (Park Avenue)
  4. Once by Mecca Normal on Dovetail (KLP014) (Visit http://meccanormalk.bandcamp.com)
  5. Never Comes Down by Neo Boys on Sooner or Later vol. 1 (Visit http://neoboys.bandcamp.com)
  6. Make A Plan by Saturday Looks Good To Me on Fill Up The Room (K)
  7. Surprise Party by Chain & The Gang on In Cool Blood (K)
  8. Get In by The Hive Dwellers on Hewn From The Wilderness (K)
  9. Black Sand by The Curious Mystery on Rotting Slowly (K)
  10. Heavy Snow by Julie Doiron on Split: Julie Doiron / Calm Down, It's Monday - EP (K)
  11. Never Last by Lois on Butterfly Kiss (K)
  12. Airwalker by Jeremy Jay on Airwalker (K)
  13. Old Lightning Rod by The Shivas on You Know What to Do (K)
  14. Million Miles by Mirah on You Think It's Like This But Really It's Like This (K)
  15. Karl Blau by Microphones on It Was Hot, We Stayed In The Water (K)
  16. Blue Like Nevermind by Kimya Dawson on Hidden Vagenda (K)
  17. Dub Chariot by Karl Blau (K)