Warm Focus: Infinite Improbability

This is a fun one. We start off very acoustic and cool, then heat up in the second half to some highly jiggly vibrations, to paraphrase Feynman. Recommended.


  1. Tommib Help Buss by Squarepusher on Ultravisitor (Warp)
  2. Turning On the Large Hadron Collider by Neat Beats on Cosmic Surgery
  3. The Obeisant Vine (Instrumental) by Helios on Ayres
  4. Night Trek (Bibio Remix) by Wax Stag on Night Trek
  5. Introducing by Blazo on Alone Journey
  6. Fumes by El Huervo on Do Not Lay Waste to Homes
  7. C.R.E.A.M by El Michels Affair on Enter the 37th Chamber (Truth and Soul Records)
  8. Neighborhoods (The Range Remix) by Yppah on Neighborhoods
  9. Siesta by Skalpel on Transit
  10. Seasons Change (Remix Instrumental) by Moar & Raashan Ahmad on Seasons Change
  11. Change by DJ Premier on Beats That Collected Dust (Vol. 2)
  12. Fu-yu by DJ Krush & Toshinori Kondo on Ki-Oku (Sony Japan)
  13. I'll Be Around (Spinners Cover) by Yo La Tengo on Fade
  14. Soul Searching by Shigeto on No Better Time Than Now
  15. Sundry by Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith on Euclid (Western Vinyl)
  16. Pleen 1930's by Clark on Clarence Park
  17. The Heroic Weather Conditions of the Universe Part 3 by Alexandre Desplat on Moonrise Kingdom OST
  18. Blue Bicycle by Hauschka on Ferndorf
  19. I by Piano Interrupted on Kirkmann & Hodge - Piano Interrupted
  20. XT by µ-Ziq on XTLP
  21. Sunrise ft. Jacob Bellens - Yuksek Dub by Kasper Bjørke on Sunrise
  22. Not Going Back to the Harbour (Dauwd Remix) by Lanterns on the Lake on Low Tide
  23. HyperParadise (Flume Remix) by Hermitude on Parallel Paradise
  24. Number 9 by Moon Hooch on Moon Hooch
  25. Fot i Hose by Casiokids on Topp stemming pa lokal bar
  26. Surf Solar by Fuck Buttons on Tarot Sport
  27. Star Guitar by The Chemical Brothers on Brotherhood
  28. Land, Repair, Refuel by LNRDCROY on Much Less Normal
  29. Pagina Dos by Prefuse 73 on Prefuse 73 Reads the Books
  30. So So So by Rone on So So So EP
  31. Lion (Jamie XX Remix) by Four Tet on Balance 024