A Man of Few Words - 3


  1. 1992 by A Sol Mechanic on Emotion Terrace (Stereocure)
  2. finesse by SwuM.
  3. It's Strange (Ramzoid remix) by Louis The Child
  4. Fours by Laxo
  5. Like Ya Do by Real Cosby on Gold Braid EP (Shoeboxx)
  6. Used To by Tapes on Finding You
  7. All My Friends (Jarreau Vandal remix) by SNAKEHIPS
  8. Reconstruct (feat. Seafloor) by Photay on Photay (Astro Nautico)
  10. Break
  11. Fantasy by YeahRight!
  12. Hold Fast (feat. Tessa Douwstra)(KRNE remix) by San Holo
  13. Maze (My Dry Wet Mess remix) by Actress
  14. reflectionz by Sam Gellaitry on Short Stories (Soulection)
  15. Jungle Jim by Deft (Raised By Records)
  16. The Chumback by Thriftworks
  17. Places by Padillion
  18. Thank You by Oshi
  19. Come Around by James Deen on Cashmere (Cosmonostro)
  20. The Night by HONNE on The Night (Super Recordings)
  21. oneofone [rwrk] by p h i l o
  22. Ef10 (Balkansky remix) by Badun
  23. Gosh by Jamie xx on In Colour (Young Turks)
  24. Eyes Give In by Lusine on Arterial (Ghostly International)
  25. Babe (Shigeto remix) by Evenings
  26. Open (SHAN AM remix) by Rhye
  27. Think of You by Rain Dog on Faces Series vol. 3 (Finest Ego)
  28. I Learned by Wondr on Down Love EP (6Bit Collective)
  29. touch it by MIKOS DA GAWD
  30. Life is a Jit (feat. Shamana) by Noize