Meghan Arnold Interview

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Meghan Arnold is the author of a local blog, Brew to Bay. The blog originally started when Meghan moved from Milwaukee to San Francisco and she wanted to chronicle her transition. My favorite part of Brew to Bay is Meghan's alternative to New Year's resolutions. This year, she calls it the 35 by 36. It's the 35 goals she wants to accomplish before her 36th birthday. Each year, she publishes a new list on her birthday and then holds herself accountable throughout the year by posting routine updates. And these are not small goals! Last year, Meghan set a goal to run her first marathon and she did it. Her follow up post, "26.2 Thoughts on my First Marathon" is my favorite one on the site. Megan also has an interesting career which takes us into the world of typeface and font design. She also puts on an annual design conference called TYPO San Francisco. Meghan lives in the Upper Haight. She shares her favorite spots in the hood and throughout San Francisco.