1. Hi by Hannah Diamond (PC Music)
  2. BODY WORK by Negative Gemini on BODY WORK (100% ELECTRONICA RECORDS)
  3. Ivory Tower by Maria Minerva on Histrionic (Not Not Fun)
  4. Blood Moon by Fatima Al Qadiri on Brute (Hyperdub)
  5. Deep Dive by et aliae on Rose (CASCINE)
  6. Future Perfect by Trust In Love on Obliquity Series EP (AMDISCS)
  7. Crystal Ball by Grimes on Darkbloom (Arbutus)
  8. Axacan by Elysia Crampton on American Drift (Blueberry Records)
  9. A Little Bit of Ecstacy by Jocelyn Enriquez (Planet Hype)
  10. Ki Akoume by Lena Platonos on Galop (Dark Entries)
  11. Ruby Fifths ft. Heavee by Zora Jones (Fractal Fantasy)
  12. Drone Bomb Me by ANOHNI (Secretly Canadian)
  13. Skeleton by Pastel Ghost on Abyss
  14. Black Sheep by Gina X Performance on Nice Mover (Medical Records)
  15. Looking From A Hilltop by Section 25 on From The Hip (Factory Records)
  16. Small Cry by Crystal Waters on Surprise (Island)
  17. White Wind by Partisan on II
  18. Class President by Dai Burger on Dai 1 (Ammunition)
  19. Spicy 103 FM by Junglepussy on Pregnant With Success
  20. Miss U by Kitty on Frostbite
  21. Casket by Geneva Jacuzzi on Technophelia
  22. Set You Free by Cherushii on Far Away So Close (100% Silk)
  23. I Feel This Way ft. Rachel Wallace by M&M (Suburban Base)