Jake Levitas Interview

Jake Levitas is trying to make San Francisco a better place for everyone. He's an urban planner and specializes in a concept called urban prototyping. A few years ago, Jake gave a TedX talk on the subject called "The Revolution will be Prototyped". Jake helps organize urban prototyping festivals where citizens come together and attempt to fix a problem or improve an area within the City. They take their ideas all the way to a built prototype that gets displayed for the public to see, test, and provide feedback on. Jake is currently working on the Market Street Prototyping Festival. From April 9-11, 50 prototypes will be displayed for the public along Market Street from Van Ness to the Embarcadero. The goal is simple; make this section of Market Street a more interactive and positive experience for everyone who uses it. Jake lives in Berkeley. He shares his favorite spots there as well as throughout San Francisco and the Bay Area.