The Hanging Garden Radio Show 3/24 w/guest DJ Erix!


  1. Gift Of Tears by Jeunesse D'ivorie
  2. Singing Rule Brittania by The Chameleons
  3. Danse/Move by The Danse Society
  4. Follow The Leaders by Killing Joke
  5. War by The Fall
  6. Wax and Wane by The Deftones
  7. The Sweetest Drop by Peter Murphy
  8. Specimen by Pins and Needles
  9. Flood On The Floor by Purity Ring
  10. Faith by I Break Horses
  11. Ceremony by A Million Machines
  12. A Body, I Pray by Vio/ator on Doomed To Live
  13. WXJL Tonight by The Human League
  14. Back To Nature by Fad Gadget
  15. Influx by Snake Corps
  16. The Shape Of The Song by Makaton Chat
  17. Mesmerism by Dead Can Dance
  18. Tormentor by Skinny Puppy
  19. The Devil's Dancer by Oppenheimer Analysis
  20. Russians by Pacific UV