Notes From The Underground 4


  1. It's Obvious by Au Pairs on Playing With A Different Sex (Human)
  2. Stop It by Pylon on Gyrate (Armageddon)
  3. Flying Saucer Safari by Suburan Lawns on Flying Saucer Safari (IRS)
  4. Shemp by Lizards on Very Small World Comp (Very Small World)
  5. Untitled by Liquids on Demo (S/R)
  6. Matinee at Market by Nopes on Nectar of the Dogs (S/R)
  7. English Cities by Brilliant Colors on Introducing (Captured Tracks)
  8. End Time by Weekend on Sports (Slumberland)
  9. Bennington (2007) by John Maus on A Collection of Rarities and Previously Unreleased Material (Upset the Rythm)
  10. Last Forever by Molly Nilsson on Follow The Light (Dark Skies Association)
  11. Gold by Most Best on Gold (Bonus Druthers)
  12. Genesis by Grimes on Visions (4AD)
  13. 66 by POW! on Hi Tech Boom (Castle Face)
  14. Sturdy Swiss Hiker by Flesh World on S/T (Slumberland)
  15. Disintegration by Interior 27 on Demo (S/R)
  16. Outfit by Raw War on Demo (S/R)
  17. Ella by Cianuro on Demo (S/R)
  18. Bag by Good Throb on S/T (White Denim)
  19. Wipe Me Dry by Towel on Wipe Me Dry (S/R)
  20. The Girl With The Strawberry Hair by Talulah Gosh on Backwash (Fortuna Pop!)
  21. Anti Parent Cowboy Killers by Joanna Gruesome on Weird Sister (Slumberland)
  22. Teeth by Trash Kit on Confidence (Upset the Rythm)
  23. Things I Don't Need by Human Tetris on Happy Way In The Maze of Rebirth (Dark Entries)
  24. Hexagonal by Bamboo on Prince Pansori Priestess (Upset the Rythm)
  25. I'm The Man by Joe Jackson on I'm The Man (A&M)
  26. Just My Way Of Loving You by Tyrone Davis on Just My Way Of Loving You (Dakar)
  27. Shotgun by Junior Walker on Shotgun (Motown)
  28. Jittery and Wobbling by Wimp Factor 14 on Ankle Deep (Harriet)
  29. Blues Run The Game by Jackson C Frank on Blues Run The Game (Secret)
  30. --- by Sleepwalk on Demo (S/R)
  31. Broken Road by Nasty Christmas on By Any Means (Thrillhouse)
  32. Reason by Bully on Feels Like (Columbia)
  33. Runner by Boytoy on Runner (PaperCup)
  34. Shadow by Sievehead on Demo (S/R)
  35. Eek Trinity by Islam Chipsy on S/T (Nashazphone)