Oct 18


  1. Fuck Treasure Island by Scout Niblett on Kidnapped By Neptune (Drag City)
  2. Swissex Lover by Fight Bite on Emerald Eyes (Self Released)
  3. All That We Had Is Lost by Postiljonen on Skyer (Hybris)
  4. Destroy The Universe With Jazz Hands by Aleks and the Ramps on Midnight Believer (Gaga Digi)
  5. Long Slow Dance by The Fresh & Onlys on Long Slow Dance (Mexican Summer)
  6. We Come From the Same Place by Allo' Darlin on We Come From the Same Place (Slumberland)
  7. Half Years by Arthur & Yu on In Camera (Hardly Art)
  8. Do the Right Thing by Oscar + Martin on For You (Two Bright Lakes)
  9. Queen Black Acid by Menomena on Mines (Barsuk)
  10. Dreamer by n. Lannon on Dreamer (Badman Recording Co.)
  11. New Armor by ANR on Stay Kids (Honor Roll Music)
  12. World Without Men by Jessica Says on World Without Men (Gaga Digi)
  13. Bat's Mouth by Bat For Lashes on Fur and Gold (Parlophone)
  14. Becoming the Gunship by Islands on Becoming the Gunship (Manque Music)
  15. Eminent Victorians by Princeton on Bloomsbury (Princeton)
  16. Western Hospitality by Club 8 on The People's Record (Labrador)