Drownin' in Violet with Baqvas


  1. In Your Blood by Mr. Kitty on Fragments (Negative Gain Records)
  2. To Black by RITUALZ on Self Released (Soundcloud)
  3. Modulations by Boy Harsher on Lesser Man EP (Night People Records)
  4. Tuxedo Def Row by Violent Quand On Aime on Trigger Moral (Simple Music Experience)
  5. Number Lizard by Bridget Feral on Desiring Machine (All Female Parliament)
  6. Bleed Wiv Me by Celestial Trax on The Womb EP (Purple Tape Pedigree)
  7. Torch by Troller on Graphic (Holodeck)
  8. Shattered by APEXYS on Family Cvlt (Self Released)
  9. Congealer by Angels in America (Self released)
  10. In Violet (SALEM Remix) by HEALTH on Disco2 (Lovepump United)
  11. Dancing in Slow Motion (Crim3s Remix) by Teengirl Fantasy on 7AM (Merok Records)
  12. Better Off Alone (Alice Deejay cover) by Mr. Kitty (Self Released)