Notes From The Underground 6


  1. Hero by Neu! on Neu! '75 (BRAIN)
  2. Don't Talk To Me by GG Allin and the Jabbers on Always Was, Is And Always Shall Be (ROIR)
  3. Don't Ring Me Up by Protex on Don't Ring Me Up (Good Vibrations)
  4. Big Time by Rudi on Big Time (Jamming!)
  5. I Don't Care by Boys on I Don't Care (Safari)
  6. Back From The Moon by Big Eyes on Back From The Moon (Grave Mistake)
  7. I Just Want You To Go Away by Lovely Bad Things on New Ghost (Volcolm)
  8. Catch That Teardrop by The 5 Royales on Catch That Teardrop (Apollo)
  9. He's The One That Rings My Bell by Sherri Taylor on He's The One That Rings My Bell (Twistin' Rumble)
  10. Grab Your Clothes by Minnie Epperson on Grab Your Clothes (Peacock)
  11. Angel Eyes by Lime on Lime 3 (Polygram)
  12. Numbers by Kraftwerk on Computer World (Warner Bros.)
  13. Never Love by Otzi on S/T (S/R)
  14. Labor by Lithics on Borrowed Floors (S/R)
  15. La La Land by Brown Sugar on Tropical Disease (S/R)
  16. Turn Me Into Gel by Warm Bodies on Domo (S/R)
  17. 8 Girls by Terry on 8 Girls (Aarght)
  18. Schoolin' Life by Beyonce on 4 (Columbia)
  19. Mahogany by Pinhead Gunpowder on Carry The Banner (Too Many)
  20. Beating Up by Scared of Chaka on Scared of Chaka (Hopeless)
  21. Lately by Parasites Go! on Lettuce (S/R)
  22. Yank Fiction by This Is My Fist on Letters From The Landfill (Burnt Ramen)
  23. Light Rail by Classics of Love on S/T (Asian Man)
  24. Leather & Lace by Radiator Hospital on Torch Song (Salinas)
  25. Her Royal Fisticuffs by Superchunk on The Laughter Guns (Merge)
  26. Tame the Sun by Male Bonding on Endless Now (Sub Pop)
  27. We Are The Men You'll Grow To Love Soon by Let's Wrestle on In The Court Of The Wrestling Let's (Fortuna POP!)
  28. Wasted Days by Cloud Nothings on Attack on Memory (Carpark)
  29. Don't Want To Know If You're Lonely by Husker Du on Candy Apple Grey (SST)
  30. Got No Instinct/Wardsback by Ivy on S/T (Kartoga Works)
  31. Love of the Weird by Modern Delusion on Wasteland (Doomtown)
  32. We Are Wolves by Monsieurs on S/T (Slovenly)
  33. Black Spring by Total Control on Typical System (Iron Lung)