The Hanging Garden Radio Show 5/12 w/guest DJ Fact.50!


  1. Every Day (That You're Gone) by Anthony Jones
  2. A Book I Should Not Read by Piano Magic on Heart Machinery
  3. Speed Of Light by Joywave on How Do You Feel Now
  4. Unveiling The Secret (Christian Piotrowski Mix) by Psyche
  5. Aquarius by Waldeck on Northern Lights
  6. The Spell by Black Heart Procession
  7. Demon by Alaric on End Of Mirrors
  8. Wraith by Altar De Fey on Echos In The Corridor
  9. Black Shirt Flag by Malditos on single B-Side
  10. Just A Thought by Modern English on Mesh and Lace
  11. Guns (Infiltrate Mix) by Protector 101 on Geeks, Girls, Guns and Ghouls
  12. Crime Scanner by Irving Force
  13. Ono-Sendai by Makeup And Vanity Set
  14. Onyx Noir by Lueur Verte
  15. Life Comes From Death by Rakta on Rakta
  16. Dark One (Fallen Empire Remix) by Containher on Carbon Grey Sountrack
  17. Loving The Alien (Dance Remix) by Vernian Process
  18. Shades and Shades and Shades of Glass (Fact.50 Mashup) by Blank Capsule versus Gessafelstein
  19. Through The Looking Glass by Vernian Process on The Consequences of Time Travel