10/23/2014 with co-host Owen and interview with Roadside Memorial!


  1. THG Intro by n/a
  2. Discotech Necromonicon by Killing Miranda
  3. Muscoviet Mosquito by Clan Of Xymox
  4. Standing There by The Creatures
  5. Danger! High Voltage by Electric Six
  6. Dead Pop Stars by Altered Images
  7. Me I Disconnect From You by Gary Numan
  8. Hey Tonight by Lords Of The New Church
  9. Hair Of The Dog by Bauhaus on Mask (4AD)
  10. Accidents of Gesture by Rome
  11. Hollywood Slim by Sex Gang Children on Viva Vigilante
  12. KPax by Kirlian Camera
  13. The Light by Love and Rockets on Earth, Sun, Moon
  14. At The Bottom by Roadside Memorial
  15. Darker Still by Roadside Memorial
  16. Elstree by The Buggles on The Age Of Plastic
  17. Puzzles by The Mary Onettes
  18. Heat by Soft Cell on The Art of Falling Apart
  19. Ruins by O. Children
  20. Nowa Aleksandria by Siekeira on Nowa Aleksandria
  21. Dead Is The New Alive by Emily Autumn
  22. Nine While Nine by The Sisters Of Mercy on First, Last and Always
  23. What Else Is There by Ryoksopp