The Nodecast Episode 16


  1. Summers Gotta End Sometime by Bruce on The Trouble with Wilderness (Hessle Audio)
  2. Gang Faur by T_A_M on In Tandem
  3. Sonnier (Walk in the Light) by Beatrice Dillon on Face A/B
  4. alastair by David Fyans on Subscriber Series
  5. Eyes Closed by Lamont on Titanic / Eyes Closed (Swamp 81)
  6. 131001G by Zuli on Bionic Ahmed EP (UIQ)
  7. Lonely Is The New Black by N1L on Wrong Headspace EP (UIQ)
  8. Going Somewhere by Jessy Lanza on Oh No (Hyperdub)
  9. Glade by Zora Jones on 100 Ladies
  10. La Douleur Exquise by Sh?m on Symphonies of Love & Destruction (Visit
  11. Like That by Sinjin Hawke on The Lights EP
  12. all i need by monte booker (Visit
  13. Last Thing by A l e x a n d r i a on Promise EP (Visit
  14. The World by Jammz on Keep It Simple / The World - EP
  15. Day & Night [Night Mix] by Flava D on Rhythm & Gash (Visit
  16. Sounds (feat. J-One) by Etch on Old School Methods EP
  17. 1234567 by Lemme Kno on UNTHANK009 (Visit
  18. Heavenly Lit by Hi & Saberhägen on H+P: Clyde Built Compilation (Free) (Visit
  19. Absentia (Frank & Tony Breakaway Edit) by Donato Wharton on Waiting Ground (Visit
  20. Kerb Hits by Hedge Maze on Kerb Hits (Visit
  21. Talk To Me You'll Understand by Ross From Friends on You'll Understand (Visit
  22. Lost Tapes by Gilmer Galibard on Lost Tapes (Visit
  23. Above The Waves by Studio OST on Scenes (2012-2015) (Visit
  24. Tepco Cunts by Jean Nipon And The Magendie High School on Industry Steal, Vol. 2
  25. Call 2 Me by Mak & Pasteman on Call 2 Me / Le Freak