Anti-Gravity Bunny Radio (2016-05-30)

Thom Wasluck aka Planning For Burial started a new label called Glowing Window Recordings and the first/only two releases (Ruined & Autumn Pool) he put out are out-fucking-standing. Plus you guys really need to hear all of Ratkje’s Crepuscular Hour holy shit it’s amazing.


  1. Some Years Don't Matter by Ruined on Hunter's Premonition (Glowing Window)
  2. July In Gossamers by Autumn Pool on An Ardent Memory (Glowing Window)
  3. Phosphorescence by Harry Bertoia on Sonambient: Recordings of Harry Bertoia (Important)
  4. Eulogy Example by Ignatz on The Drain (Feeding Tube)
  5. DCIN by Brian Case on Tense Nature (Hands In The Dark)
  6. Ridges by TAUUSK on Ridges (self released)
  7. Divers of the Dust by Marissa Nadler on Strangers (Sacred Bones)
  8. Crepuscular Hour Part 2 by Maja S.K. Ratkje on Crepuscular Hour (Rune Grammofon)
  9. The Becoming I by Tvlpa on Mountain of the Opposer (Malignant)
  10. Infantman by Ionophore on Sinter Pools (Malignant)
  11. What I Thought You Said by Jon Mueller on Tongues (Rhythmplex)