“EU and I”

This week the United Kingdom will go to the polls to vote on whether it should remain a member of the European Union. As someone who grew up enjoying nestled English, British and European identity it's been a huge shock to the system to realise that on Friday I simply might not be European any more. Worse, and you'll know this if you're following the news, the referendum itself has been a vehicle for far-right racists, xenophobes, and miscellaneous opportunists to reshape Britain to their own ends, at the expense of the welfare of most of the people in it, perhaps especially those who're conned into support the “leave” cause.

It's angering, anxiety inducing, heart-wrenching and bluntly the whole thing hurts, especially from so far away from home. So this week, before the big vote, we've dedicated the show to the Europe we love, in a slightly incoherent number of ways.

We're not here campaigning, we don't think this show is going to swing the vote one way or another. Unless, due to multiple Batistoni Accent Infraction Offenses in the recording, we might find that Europe votes Britain out instead. We prepared it in a day and honestly I felt bad even as we were recording because I wish we'd done more research and made this amazing. But instead the show is what it is, a collection of songs from bands in the UK that might not exist without the EU's freedom of movement, songs from British artists that decamped to Berlin and got inspired because they could just do so, without a visa or anything. Songs from immigrants, songs from Welshmen and Scots. Songs about the paranoid crises of national identity, and some songs that capture and celebrate the mundane romance with and that is Europe.

Naturally we talk too much, but on the plus side we also describe UK Prime Minister David Cameron as a “marshmallow” multiple times and it never stops being cathartic to do so. I recommend it.

If you're reading this before Thursday, please join me in voting to remain in the EU. I live far from home right now, but it's a cultural part of me everywhere I go, and an imperfect but vital inspiration of how countries can find peace together at a time where large parts of the world are on fire.


— Ben.


  1. Europe by The Indelicates on Songs for Swinging Lovers (Corporate Records)
  2. The National Anthem (Live in Paris) by Radiohead on I Might Be Wrong (XL)
  3. Break
  4. Sin Fronteras by Zefur Wolves on Zefur Wolves (Strangetown Records)
  5. French Disko by Stereolab on Serene Velocity (Elektra)
  6. Runaway by Ladytron on Velocifero (Nettwerk Records)
  7. Break
  8. To The End (La Comedie) (feat. Françoise Hardy) by Blur on The Great Escape (Special Edition Bonus Tracks) (Food)
  9. Bongo Bong by Manu Chao on Clandestino (Radio Bemba)
  10. Blue Would Still Be Blue by Guillemots on Through The Window Pane (Polydor)
  11. Break
  12. All & Everyone by PJ Harvey on Let England Shake (Vagrant Records)
  13. London by Tino Dico on A Beginning, A Detour, And Open Ending (Finest Gramophone)
  14. Europe is Lost by Kate Tempest on Europe is Lost (Caroline International)
  15. Talisman by Air on Moon Safari (Aircheology)
  16. Break
  17. Man at C&A by The Specials on The Best of The Specials (Parlophone)
  18. Real Great Britain by Asian Dub Foundation on Community Music (Rinse It Out)
  19. Subterraneans by David Bowie on Low (Parlophone)
  20. Pink and Green by Gold Panda on Good Luck and Do Your Best (City Slang)
  21. Break
  22. Europe Endless by Kraftwerk on Trans Europa Express (Parlophone)