1. Crab Line by Trust Fund on We Have Always Lived In The Harolds (It Takes Time)
  2. Nova-Leigh by Born Ruffians on Say It (Warp)
  3. It's Alright Baby by Komeda on What Makes It Go? (Minty Fresh)
  4. New Starts In Old Dominion by Bent Shapes on Wolves of Want (Slumberland)
  5. Sponkulus Nodge by TTNG on Disappointment Island (Sargent House)
  6. Hot Autism by The Joggers on Solid Guild (Startime International)
  7. Lowest Part Is Free by Archers of Loaf on Vs. The Greatest Of All Time EP (Alias)
  8. Statuesque Mess by Attic Abasement on Dream News (Father/Daughter)
  9. Acceptance Speech by Deerhoof on The Magic (Polyvinyl)
  10. Weekend by Zazen Boys on Zazen Boys 4 (Matsuri Studio)
  11. The Stupidest Boy by 12 Rods on Split Personalities (V2)
  12. Modern Intimacy by Big Troubles on Worry (Olde English Spelling Bee)
  13. Ivy by Sales on Sales (Self-released)
  14. The Dream Is Over by MK Ultra on The Dream Is Over (Artichoke)
  15. Lose Your Face Again by Radar Bros. on Radar Bros. (Restless)
  16. Jealousy by Spoon on Love Ways EP (Merge)
  17. Perverse Universe by Tenement on Bruised Music, Vol. 2 (Don Giovanni)
  18. Little Whirl by Guided by Voices on Alien Lanes (Matador)
  19. Destroyed By Hippie Powers by Car Seat Headrest on Teens of Denial (Matador)
  20. Gina by The Trans Megetti on Fading Left To Completely On (Gern Blandsten)
  21. No Grace by Paws on No Grace (Fatcat)
  22. Fireman by Jawbreaker on Dear You (DGC)
  23. Sing Me Spanish Techno by The New Pornographers on Twin Cinema (Matador)
  24. The Best Shape Of My Life by Kleenex Girl Wonder on The Comedy Album (Reesonable)
  25. Sex & Drugs by A Giant Dog on Pile (Merge)
  26. At Risk Student by Two Inch Astronaut on Personal Life (Exploding In Sound)
  27. Pacific 231 by Burning Airlines on Mission: Control! (DeSoto)
  28. Big Day by More Humans on Hot Cloud (Self-released)
  29. Window by Mock Orange on Put The Kid On The Sleepy Horse (Topshelf)
  30. Blanket by Yung on A Youthful Dream (Fat Possum)
  31. If It's All The Same To You by Greys on Outer Heaven (Carpark)
  32. Texas Never Whispers by Pavement on Watery, Domestic EP (Matador)
  33. Socs Hip by Lilys on The 3 Way (Sire)