I Rock I Roll Radio 6/27: The Corgi Magic show

2 hours of solid new tunes curated by Nora. sit back, relax, snuggle a cat and discover your next favorite band. also, Corgis and other stories.


  1. You Don't Think You Like People Like Me by Alex Lahey (Self Released)
  2. Slurpee Surf by Spook the Herd on Small Wins EP (Exploding In Sound)
  3. Door by Nice As Fuck on Nice As Fuck (Loves Way Records)
  4. I Think You're Alright by Jay Som on I Think You're Alright (single) (Fat Possum)
  5. Hold Me Down by Yoke Lore on Far Shore - EP (B3SCI Records)
  6. Anotherclock by Parcels on Anotherclock (single) (Kitsune)
  7. Middle Names by Devendra Banhart on Ape In Pink Marble (Nonesuch)
  8. Summer Sun by Lost Settlers on Listen To The Stars EP (Self Released)
  9. Subways by The Avalanches on Wildflower (Astralwerks)
  10. Fools and their Gold by PLGRMS (Self Released)
  11. Seaside by Haux on All We've Known EP (Self Released)
  12. Radio Girl by Pi Ja Ma on Radio Girl EP (Bleepmachine)
  13. Cups and Wrappers by Dogbreth on Second Home (Asian Man)
  14. Out of Context by Field Mouse on Episodic (Topshelf Records)
  15. Fam by Tiger Oil on Whun (Self Released)
  16. Ambulance by The Amazing on Ambulance (Partisan)
  17. Goldman's Detective Agency by Martha on Blisters In The Pit Of My Heart (Dirtnap)
  18. Crush by Fits on Yes Yes A Thousand Times Yes (Broken World Media)
  19. Playing Along by Cool American on You Can Win A Few (Good Cheer Records)
  20. Weightlessly by Kindling on Everywhere Else (No Idea Records)
  21. Bastards of Young by Katy Goodman & Greta Morgan on Take It, It's Yours (Polyvinyl Records)
  22. Wish by Cymbals Eat Guitars on Pretty Years (Sinderlyn)
  23. Hallucinate by GL on Touch (Midnight Feature/Plastic World)
  24. The Strangest Game by MIYNT on Ep no. 1 (B3SCI Records)
  25. Hypochondriac by Cocktails on Hypochondriac (Father/Daughter Records)
  26. Hello by Jaunt on Chat Ep (Self Released)
  27. Anyone Else by Few Bits on Big Sparks (PIAS Recordings)