Sounds In The Dark - 6.29.16

Tonight's edition features new music from Helios, Halftribe, The Range, Body Awareness and Ian Hawgood, plus a preview of the new Eluvium record False Read On. Plus, industrial sounds from Kosmonaut created to fight leukemia, Benoit Piolard covering an Aphex Twin tune and sparkly new work from Mark McGuire. Seriously one of my favorite playlists this year!


  1. Awe by Helios on Remembrance (Unseen Music)
  2. Decay by HOME on Odyssey (Midwest Collective)
  3. Skeptical by The Range on Potential (Domino)
  4. Excursion 909 by Elka on Chants (1080p)
  5. Into the Light by Body Awareness on The Aakening (Not Not Fun)
  6. Octophase Meditation 1 by wzrdryAV on Octophase Meditation EP (Silent Season)
  7. End by Sense on Remember Me? (NA)
  8. Falcon by Halftribe on Luxia (Archives Dub Music)
  9. Deer by Docetism on Endura (Nichts)
  10. Fugue State by Eluvium on False Read On (Temporary Residence Ltd)
  11. First Orange Raga by Sparkling Water (Mark McGuire) on Day of First Orange - Afternoon Ragas (NA)
  12. Strand by Lee Anthony Norris & Porya Hatami on Every Day Feels Like A New Drug (NA)
  13. Shallow Waters Distant Minds (I) by Ian Hawgood on Shallow Waters Distant Minds (Folk Reels)
  14. Stone In Focus by Benoit Pioulard on Radial (NA)
  15. Healing Song II by Kosmonaut on Master Generator (Time Released Sound)