The Nodecast Episode 24


  1. Closed Circuit by Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith and Suzanne Ciani on FRKWYS Vol 13: Sunergy (RVNG Intl.)
  2. Waves (For Yasmin) by Bruce on The Trouble With Wilderness (Hessle Audio)
  3. modsz by BCPL (Highpoint Lowlife)
  4. Lucidity by You're Me on Plant Cell Division (Visit
  5. Intro by Shinichi Atobe on World (DDS)
  6. State IX_Interlude III by ROGER 23 on Extended Play
  7. At The Lake by Konx-om-Pax on Caramel (Planet Mu)
  8. Too Soon by Hidden Spheres on Well Well
  9. Snow In August by T_A_M on In Tandem
  10. The Black God (instrumental) by SpaceGhostPurrp on Mysterious Phonk
  11. Tu Tienes Que Saber by Bishop Nehru on MAGIC:19 (BishHop)
  12. Cause I Said It Right by Clarence G on Hyperspace Sound Lab
  13. #UNLESHED (Panda Freestyle) by Lady Leshurr
  14. Man Like Me by Trim on RPG / Man Like Me (1-800-Dinosaur)
  15. Drive by Mall Grab on Elegy
  16. I've Always Liked Grime by Mall Grab on Menace II Society (Unknown To The Unknown)
  17. Chai by Kai Luen on The Hollow Ghost
  18. Gown by Perfume Advert on Big Gete Star (1080P)
  19. Early Korn by Christopher Rau on Yamato
  20. Jayex Story by Elka on Chants (1080p)
  21. Ourca by Hedge Maze on Kerb Hits (Visit
  22. Down The Cut by Ozel AB on Valis (Visit
  23. Kingdom by Steven Julien on Fallen
  24. The Force by Newworldaquarium on The Dead Bears