Anti-Gravity Bunny Radio (2016-07-18)

Kinda can’t believe I haven’t played anything from the Second Woman record on this show yet I mean what the hell is wrong with me. Also, that Natural Snow Buildings release is 6 discs long and free, so the very next thing you should do after listening to this episode is go download that.


  1. 500609sp3 by Second Woman on Second Woman (Spectrum Spools)
  2. Evencycle by MJ Guider on Precious Systems (Kranky)
  3. Emerald Rays Into Deepwater by Corum on Coastal Vudutronic Voyage (Moon Glyph)
  4. The Drowned Church by Natural Snow Buildings on Aldebaran (Vulpiano)
  5. We Are Shrinking, We Are Shrinking by René Margraff on Four Pieces In The Key Of Panic (All That Is Solid Melts Into Air)
  6. Interlude by Motion Sickness Of Time Travel on Affinity (Adversary Electronics)
  7. Dried Blood And Old Earth by Crowhurst on II (Dullest)
  8. Lest The Snow Smother Us by Heinali on And Night Is A Flash (Nen)
  9. La Corteccia Urticante by My Dear Killer & Matteo Uggeri on Blind Tarots (Under My Bed)
  10. Valley Of The Dry Bones by Andrew Weathers on North Fork Of The Jump (self released)