Warm Focus: Tightrope Walked Alone

hey ppl complaining today's show is "too chill"srry but the tightrope b/t cold & hot foci is one i must walk alone



  1. Kiwi Maddog 20/20 by Elliott Smith on Roman Candle (Cavity Search)
  2. Amber Button by Isan
  3. Fin by Phontaine
  4. Battery Point by Beak>
  5. Your Signs (Instrumental) by The Notwist
  6. Weightless Part 1 by Marconi Union
  7. Airlock by Kona Triangle
  8. A Tune for Jack by Lemon Jelly
  9. Split Stones by Lymbyc System
  10. Part 3 by Rhian Sheehan
  11. Autumn 3 by Vivaldi / Max Richter on Recomposed
  12. You Need to See Through Better Eyes by The Boats on Our Small Ideas
  13. My Beautiful Blue Sky by Moby
  14. Coffin Nails by MF Doom on Metal Fingers Presents: Special Herbs (Nature Sounds)
  15. Cruise by Astronautica
  16. We Were Set Up by Tangerine Dream, Woody Jackson, The Alchemist, Oh No & DJ Shadow on GTA V OST
  17. Love What Happened There by James Blake
  18. Piano Months by Teebs
  19. The Theory of Everything by Jóhann Jóhannsson on The Theory of Everything OST
  20. My Dear by Corduroi
  21. Bust the Way You Were by Gangplans, Unravel
  22. After Dawn by Weathertunes
  23. Yesterday's Down by Julien Mier
  24. If You Knew - Reprise Long Live Take by Gold Panda
  25. Flashy Flashy (Nicolas Jaar Remix) by Ellen Allien
  26. Sailing the Solar Flares by Dirtwire
  27. Bim Bom - Psapp Remix by Astrud Gilberto
  28. Taint - King Krule & Jamie Isaac Remix by Haraket