Notes From The Underground 18


  1. Thru Metaphoric rocks by Tangerine Dream on Force Majeure (Virgin)
  2. True Detective by Accident on Kill The Bee Gees (Kill By Death)
  3. Lets Get, Let's Get Tammy Wynette by Maggots on Lets Get, Let's Get Tammy Wynette (Killed By Death)
  4. Fast & Loose by Neighborhood Brats on S/T (Deranged)
  5. Love Killer by Killer Barbies on Lover Killer (Drakkar Entertainment)
  6. Count by Vain Aims on S/T (We Practise In A Garage)
  7. Wicker Park by D.L.M.I.C. on November Cassingle (S/R)
  8. Here I Go Again by Archie Bell and the Drells on Here I Go Again (Philadelphia International)
  9. Double Cookin' by Checkerboard Squares on Double Cookin' (Outta Sight)
  10. Girl Across The Street by Moses Smith on Girl Across The Street (Excello)
  11. Reality TV by Sports on All Of Something (Father/Daughter)
  12. Baby Ghosts by Ghost Boyfriend on Maybe Ghosts (Dirt Cult)
  13. Future Ghost by Traveling on End of the Summer (S/R)
  14. Kill Coyotes by Songs For Moms on I Used To Believe In The West (S/R)
  15. FTN by Club Tango on FTN (Acqua)
  16. Army Knife by Switzerlands on July Demo (S/R)
  17. Love Love Love by Tru Fax & The Insaniacs on Mental Decay (WASP)
  18. 21 Girls by Big Combo on 21 Girls (Ace)
  19. Mr. X by Ultravox on Vienna (Chrysalis)
  20. Force Fed by HIDE on Force Fed & Ressurection (S/R)
  21. The Other Side of Darkness by Night Birds on The Other Side of Darkness (Grave Mistake)
  22. Runnin' On Fumes by OBN III's on Live in San Francisco (Castle Face)
  23. Too Lazy To Live by Bobby Peru on 2 Live Peru (S/R)
  24. Cat Food by Manatees on Cat Food (Goner)
  25. I'm Down by Mummies on You Must Fight to Live On the Planet of the Apes (Sympathy For The Record Industry)
  26. Gone For Good by Nobunny on First Blood (Goner)
  27. Maps. Fuck You. by Trash Vampires on Orange Krush (S/R)
  28. Tired All The Time by Big Eyes on Hard Life (Grave Mistake)
  29. More Spiel by Minutemen on Post-Mersh, Vol. 2 (SST)
  30. Cavaclade by Black Fungus on S/T (MILK)
  31. Heaven Is Earth by Self Defense Family on Heaven Is Earth (Deathwish Inc.)