Tuff Signals 124


  1. Bixarre Luv Pyramids by Soft Candy on Bixarre Luv Pyramids (Hozac Records)
  2. Are You Aware by Clearance (Tall Pat Records)
  3. I Live for the Sun by Kickstand Band on Summer Dream EP (Self Released)
  4. Doomed Too by Blood Stone on SERAMIX #6 (Seraphine Collective)
  5. Blisters (in the bit of my heart) by Martha on Blisters (Dirtnap Recorde)
  6. Backyard by Leggy on DANG (Manic Static)
  7. I Can't Believe That We're Together by Death By Unga Bunga on Pineapple Pizza (Jensen Plateproduksjen)
  8. Through My Fingers by Steve Adamyk Band on Graceland LP (Dirtnap Records)
  9. Killers by Miss Destiny on Miss Destiny (Self Released)
  10. Bed of Bones by The Lad Mags on The Futures Done (Self Released)
  11. Rose by Holy Esque on At Hope's Ravine (Beyond the Frequency/Believe Records)
  12. I Repeat Myself by Duchess Says on Sciences Nouvelles (Self Released)
  13. Star Studder by Tweens on Tweens (Frenchkiss Records)
  14. I Need UP by Swimsuit Addition on Killing Time EP (Tall Pat Records)
  15. Lemon by The Meltaways on The Meltaways (Mirror Universe Tapes)
  16. Blondes Have More Fun by Forth Wanderers on Tough Love (Father/Daughter Records)
  17. California by Platinum Boys on Junior Varsity (Self Released)
  18. Potter's Daughter by Sleeping Beauties on Sleeping Beauties (In The Red)
  19. Dor Cronica by Bossa IV on Votive (Old Lane Sign)
  20. New Ketamine by Fern Mayo on Hex Signs (Self Released)
  21. Dead Record Player by Dr. Dog on The Psychedelic Swamp (Anti)
  22. Hold On by Half Japanese on Perfect (Joyful Noise Recordings)
  23. Tall Cans Hold Hands by Told Slant on Going By (Double Double Whammy)
  24. Do You Believe Me Now? by Field Mouse on Episodic (Topshelf Records)
  25. Do You Believe Me Now? by Field Mouse on Episodic (Topshelf Records)
  26. Waaah Waaah Waaah by Wet Ones on Wet Ones LP (Slovenly)
  27. Wired by The Bingers (Tall Pat Records)
  28. Choked Up by Heavy Times (Hozac Records)
  29. What Should I Do? by The Pukes on The Revenge of the Pukes (Tire Fire Records)
  30. Okie Dokie Doggy Daddy by Lala Lala on Okie Dokie Doggie Daddy (Self Released)
  31. Homesick by Earth Heart on Homesick (Self Released)
  32. I'm A Man Too by Death Valley Girls on Glow in the Dark (Burger Records)
  33. Gonna Die Alone by Hanni El Khatib on Savage Times Vol. 2 (Innovative Leisure)
  34. Wipe by White Night on Weird Night (Burger Records)
  35. I'm Alive by CCR Headcleaner on Tear Down the Wall (In The Red)
  36. Fear by Islands on Should I Remain Here At Sea? (Swan Songs)
  37. Dreamin' by Summer Twins on Limbo (Burger Records)