Four Missed Texts


  1. Frisk by Black Marble on It's Immaterial (ghostly)
  2. With You by Mishegas
  3. Galaxy by Kiki Hitomi on Karma No Kusari (jahtari)
  4. Vacation by HERO
  5. Ornament by Crystal Castles on Amnesty (I) (Fiction Records Ltd.)
  6. I Won't Sleep On You by RYAN Playground (Secret Songs)
  7. Stay by Attom
  8. Kanye West (feat. Wyclef Jean) by Young Thug on JEFFERY (300 ENTERTAINMENT)
  9. Nostalgia Del Futuro by NOIA on Habits (CASCINE)
  10. bb (four missed texts) by Kid Froopy (Moving Castle)
  11. The Way That You Like feat. Empress Of by Pional on When Love Hurts (Counter Records)
  12. オメガ by Baltra
  13. Devil Worship You by Downstate on Devil Worship You (SVBKVLT)
  14. Evolver (Return) by rioux
  15. Frozen Slower Than Ice by Downstate on Devil Worship You (SVBKVLT)
  16. Fly by Lotus
  17. No Reason by Manatee Commune on Manatee Commune (Bastard Jazz)
  18. Ain't You An Angel by Lidija
  19. Home by Mishegas
  20. COLDER by Young Gunna
  21. No Us by Karman on Heaven Complex EP
  22. i n ` y o u r . b l o o d by downstate
  23. Cold Front by Karman
  24. All Or Nothing (feat. Angelica Bess) by chrome sparks (Counter Records)
  25. Turn Up (with Young Thug) by FELIX SNOW
  26. Yew by Karman
  27. Zaffre by Glacci & Deon Custom
  28. the journey by oshi
  29. BACK2THESTART by Four Tet