The Highpoint Lowlife Radio Show Episode 33


  1. Culatra Island by Dolphins Into The Future on Songs of Gold, Incandescent (Edicoes CN)
  2. Orbis Tertius by Hashman Deejay on Tangerine b/w Orbis Tertius
  3. Afterimage by Akasha System on Vague Response (100% silk)
  4. Axiom Voicings by Bludwork on Nightmare – EP (100% silk)
  5. Lakeside by Foans on Frontier (100% silk)
  6. Lucid Dream by Benedikt Frey on Permanent Vacation 4 (Permanent Vacation)
  7. Energy Flow (DJ Koze's Miles&More Remix) by Mano Le Tough on Energy Flow (DJ Koze (Permanent Vacation)
  8. Nostalgia Del Futuro by NOIA on Habits EP (Cascine)
  9. Nothing by Seb Wildblood on Jazz, Vol. 1 – EP (Church)
  10. All In by J. Albert on Strictly J – EP (1080P)
  11. Lake of X by Antenna on New Life - EP (Clone records/ Royal Oak)
  12. One Last Thing by Pale Blue on One Last Thing Remix EP (2MR)
  13. Green Is The Color Of Love by Ishi Vu on 12''
  14. Hidden by Marion Poncet (La Chinerie)
  15. Blaff by Telephones on The Ocean Called (Running Back)
  16. Highfield Daze by Highfield Casuals on Knowes Universal Broadcast (Seg. 1) – EP (Craigie Knowes)
  17. Continent by Akasha System on Mixed Signals - EP (Akasha System)
  18. The Bells by Kornél Kovács on The Bells (Bonus Track Version) (Studio Barnhus)
  19. Bridgework by Bruce Trail on Ravine Dream – EP (Magic Wire)
  20. Ka Tei, Ka Toi, Ka Tao (Ghost) by Bitchin Bajas & Olivia Wyatt on Sailing a Sinking Sea (Drag City)