Radical Dreamers 4.3.2017


  1. RiRi by Young Thug on JEFFERY (300 ENT / Atlantic)
  2. Baby Baby by Scraps on Ttnik (Not Not Fun)
  3. Executive Suite by Jade Statues on Executive Tower (Dream Catalogue)
  4. Rollercoaster by Negative Gemini (100% Electronica)
  5. Silicon Tare by Com Truise on Silicon Tare (Ghostly)
  6. Swedish Guns by The Radio Dept. (Labrador)
  7. Frisk by Black Marble (Ghostly International)
  8. Don't Be Afraid of I Love You by 18 Carat Affair on Adult Contemporary
  9. Lazy by Cornelius on Fantasma (Matador)
  10. Venus Requiem by The Black Madonna on Stay (Nite Owl Diner)
  11. Fly By Night by Bruce Trail on Ravine Dream (Magic Wire)
  12. I've Always Liked Grime by Mall Grab on Menace II Society (Unknown To The Unknown)
  13. Recycle Bin by Kane West on Expenses Paid (Turbo Recordings)
  14. Pannenkoekenfeest by Legowelt on Laundromat of Your Mind (Bakk)
  15. Moscow Girls by Delroy Edwards on Hangin At The Beach (LA Club Resource)
  16. ESP by Zomby on Ultra (Hyperdub)
  17. Wreck His Days by Tomorrow The Rain Will Fall Upwards on Wreck His Days (Blackest Ever Black)
  18. The Way She Goes by Archibald Slim on Don't Talk To Me (Awful Records)
  19. Beef (Feat. ETHEREAL) by Playboi Carti
  20. Cute by DRAM (#1EpicCheck)
  21. If You Got Love 4 Me by Keith Charles Spacebar on Chillin...Killin (Awful Records)
  22. Paid for It (ft. Father) by LuiDiamonds on KillLewis (Awful Records)
  23. Eh by Death Grips on Bottomless Pit (Third Worlds)
  24. Check to Check by Open Mike Eagle & Paul White on Hella Personal Film Festival (Mello Music)