Galactic Good Feel #4


  1. Cruising Down Sunset by The 4th Coming on California Funk - Rare 45's From The Golden State (Now Again)
  2. Can We Try Love Again by Kool Blues on Eccentric Soul: The Capsoul Label (Numero Group)
  3. Break
  4. Alegria by Elia y Elizabeth on La Onda de Elia y Elizabeth (Distrolux)
  5. It Will Never Be by White Fence on Family Perfume Vol.1 (Woodist)
  6. Psychic Television by Dirt Dress on DLVNVN (Recess Records)
  7. Sea Weed by Doja/pablo on soundcloud (Three Seas Records)
  8. Yang Yang by Anika on Anika
  9. Bad Street by Twin Sister on In Heaven (Domino)
  10. Dodi by Yumi Zouma on EP II (Cascine)
  11. I Can't Stand It Anymore by The Velvet Underground on The Velvet Underground (Universal Records)
  12. Speak to the Wind by Spindrift on Legend of God's Gun (Tee Pee Records)
  13. Les Gents Sont Fous, Les Temps Sont Flous by Jaqcues Dutronc on Et Moi Et Moi Et Moi (Disques Vogue)
  14. Teenage Alien Blues by Foxygen on Take the Kids off Broadway (Jagjaguwar)
  15. Votre cote yeye m'emmerde by Liminanas on Costa Blanca (Trouble In Mind)
  16. Cold was the ground by Liminanas on Costa Blanca (Trouble in Mind)
  17. Soul Makossa by Lafayette Afro Rock Band on Darkest Light (Manifesto)
  18. Got to Have It by Soul President on Eccentric Soul (Numero Group)
  19. Don't You Feel Me by Damon on Song of a Gypsy (Now Again)
  20. Guy One by Suro Yuama on Guy One (Philophon)
  21. Bweyy by Mndsgn on Breatharian (Fresh Selects)
  22. Sensuality by Aldous RH (Handsome Dad Records)
  23. Headways by Invisible Astro Healing Rhythm Quartet (Trouble In Mind)
  24. Ghet-to-Funk by Duracha on Eccentric Soul (Numero Group)
  25. You Can't Miss What You Can't Measure by Funkadelic on Cosmic Slop (Westbound)
  26. Never Walk Out On You by Willie Mitchell on Eccentric Soul (Numero)
  27. Boogie Nights by Heatwave on Too hot to handle (GTO)
  28. My<3 by Purpan on Soundcloud
  29. Don't Want You to Go But You'll Leave Anyways by Lonely Chief (Soundcloud)
  30. Panduh (remix for bubba) by Mndsgn (soundcloud)
  31. The Prettiest Star by David Bowie on The Best of David Bowie 1969-1974 (Parlophone)
  32. Life is Strange by T.Rex on Tanx (Spirit Records)
  33. After Hours by Velvet Underground on Velvet Underground (MGM)